Apache Flume 1.9.0 发布,日志服务器

Apache Flume 1.9.0 发布了,Flume 是一个分布式、可靠和高可用的服务,用于收集、聚合以及移动大量日志数据,使用一个简单灵活的架构,就流数据模型。这是一个可靠、容错的服务。

Agent component diagram


New Feature

  • [FLUME-2071] - Flume Context doesn’t support float or double configuration values.
  • [FLUME-2442] - Need an alternative to providing clear text passwords in flume config
  • [FLUME-3142] - Adding HBase2 sink


  • [FLUME-2653] - Allow inUseSuffix to be null/empty
  • [FLUME-2854] - Parameterize jetty version in pom
  • [FLUME-2977] - Upgrade RAT to 0.12
  • [FLUME-3050] - add counters for error conditions and expose to monitor URL
  • [FLUME-3182] - Please add support for SSL/TLS for syslog (tcp) & multi_port syslog (tcp) sources
  • [FLUME-3186] - Make asyncHbaseClient configuration parameters available from flume config
  • [FLUME-3223] - Flume HDFS Sink should retry close prior to performing a recoverLease
  • [FLUME-3227] - Add Rate Limiter to StressSource
  • [FLUME-3239] - Do not rename files in SpoolDirectorySource
  • [FLUME-3246] - Validate flume configuration to prevent larger source batch size than the channel transaction capacity
  • [FLUME-3269] - Support JSSE keystore/trustore -D system properties
  • [FLUME-3275] - Components supporting SSL/TLS should be able to specify protocol list
  • [FLUME-3276] - Components supporting SSL/TLS should be able to specify cipher suite list
  • [FLUME-3280] - Improve maven build to help code reviews by adding static code analyzer to it
  • [FLUME-3281] - Update to Kafka 2.0 client
  • [FLUME-3282] - Use slf4j in every component


  • [FLUME-1282] - Flume 1.x build fails on Maven 2
  • [FLUME-2232] - Add findbugs to Flume build
  • [FLUME-2436] - Make hadoop-2 the default build profile
  • [FLUME-2464] - Remove hadoop-2 profile
  • [FLUME-2786] - It will enter a deadlock state when modify the conf file before I stop flume-ng
  • [FLUME-2894] - Flume components should stop in the correct order (graceful shutdown)
  • [FLUME-2973] - Deadlock in hdfs sink
  • [FLUME-2976] - Exception when JMS source tries to connect to a Weblogic server without authentication
  • [FLUME-2988] - Kafka Sink metrics missing eventDrainAttemptCount
  • [FLUME-2989] - Kafka Channel metrics missing eventTakeAttemptCount and eventPutAttemptCount
  • [FLUME-3056] - TestApplication hangs indefinitely
  • [FLUME-3101] - taildir source may endless loop when tail a file
  • [FLUME-3106] - When batchSize of sink greater than transactionCapacity of Memory Channel, Flume can produce endless data
  • [FLUME-3107] - When batchSize of sink greater than transactionCapacity of File Channel, Flume can produce endless data
  • [FLUME-3114] - Upgrade commons-httpclient library dependency
  • [FLUME-3117] - Application can be dead loop when call System.exit() in methodconfigure
  • [FLUME-3133] - Add a ipHeader config in Syslog Sources
  • [FLUME-3201] - Fix SyslogUtil to handle RFC3164 format in december correctly
  • [FLUME-3218] - Fix external process config filter test
  • [FLUME-3222] - java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException thrown when files are being deleted from the TAILDIR source
  • [FLUME-3237] - Handling RuntimeExceptions coming from the JMS provider in JMSSource
  • [FLUME-3253] - JP Morgan Chase scan shows vulnerabilities for Splunk App using Apache Flume 1.8
  • [FLUME-3265] - Cannot set batch-size for LoadBalancingRpcClient
  • [FLUME-3270] - Close JMS resources in JMSMessageConsumer constructor in case of failure
  • [FLUME-3278] - Handling -D keystore parameters in Kafka components
  • [FLUME-3294] - Fix polling logic in TaildirSource
  • [FLUME-3298] - Make hadoop-common optional in flume-ng-hadoop-credential-store-config-filter
  • [FLUME-3299] - Fix log4j scopes in pom files


  • [FLUME-3158] - Upgrade surefire version and config
  • [FLUME-3243] - Increase the default of hdfs.callTimeout and document it’s deprecation
  • [FLUME-3303] - Mention future configuration change in the release notes


  • [FLUME-3195] - Split up the TestKafkaChannel class


  • [FLUME-3087] - Change log level from WARN to INFO when using default “maxIOWorkers” value.


  • [FLUME-3183] - Maven: generate SHA-512 checksum during deploy

Dependency upgrade


  • [FLUME-1342] - Document JMX monitoring API
  • [FLUME-2723] - Document the requirement that Channel’s transactionCapacity >= batchSize of the source/sink
  • [FLUME-3051] - Mention the incompatibility of Kafka source with 0.8.x Kafka brokers
  • [FLUME-3228] - Incorrect parameter name in timestamp interceptor docs