Spring Framework 5.1.4, 5.0.12 和 4.3.22 发布

Spring Framework 5.1.4, 5.0.12 和 4.3.22 发布,该版本是一个重要的改进版本,解决了 5.1 GA 以来的几个问题。建议 5.1.x 用户升级。

注意:5.0.12 版本是 5.0.x 的最后版本,5.0 版本将于2019年3月份停止维护。建议所有 5.0.x 用户升级到 5.1.4+ 版本。 4.3.x 版本已经接近停止维护日期,不再计划在 4.3.22 之后进行定期维护,会在出现严重错误时更新版本,但停止维护的最后日期还没有定。预计停止维护日期在 2020年年中。



Dear Spring community,

It is my pleasure to announce that Spring Framework and 4.3.22 are available from repo.spring.io as well as Maven Central now.

5.1.4 is a significant refinement release, addressing several regressions and gaps that have been identified since 5.1 GA, coming as an immediate upgrade for all 5.1.x users.

Please note that 5.0.12 is the last planned 5.0.x release, with 5.0 approaching its EOL in March 2019. All 5.0.x users are encouraged to upgrade to 5.1.4+ for further fixes and refinements.

The 4.3.x line reaches an extended support phase now, with no regular maintenance being planned beyond 4.3.22 anymore but serious issues still to be addressed in infrequent releases on demand. No official EOL date has been set yet; we expect it around mid 2020.


Development towards 5.2 will start in our master branch soon, with 5.2 RC1 expected in May. On a related note, we are about to migrate from JIRA to GitHub issues; stay tuned!